Concept Development 

Allow us to join you on the journey to bring your concept to life.

Our consultants are skilled and experienced in the hospitality industry. F&B concepts Consultants are perfectly positioned to be a very strong, dynamic and hands on addition to your team.

How can we help?

Concept design & Realisation

  • Project management during the build phase
  • Assistance in all elements of set up and opening
  • Financial projection creation
  • Business plan creation
  • Brand refinement

Menu Engineering & Development

Menus are vital tool for the profitability of any hospitality operation. Not only does the menu have to talk to the guest, but the selling prices have to be realistic and carefully calculated. Menus must be the right size, be visually attractive, have a balance throughout, contain well thought out choices and most importantly of all produce the required level of gross profit for the business.

What we do?

  • Deliver a menu based on the demands of the business
  • Deliver the design of a menu that is easy for the guest to follow
  • Design a menu taking into consideration the skills of the team
  • Ensure that the operation’s suppliers are used most effectively
  • Analyse the cost of every dish on the menu

Operational Assessment

On every occasion there is nothing better than having a fresh set of eyes look over a business. The margins that are worked to in the hospitality industry are so tight that every single pound and every single penny can make a difference.

With a common sense approach and an understanding about how hard it is to run a business, F&B concepts Consultants will gently explore the personality of the operation and present strategies to improve the operation in many areas.

What we cover

  • Operational review for efficiencies
  • Menu review
  • Cost analysis
  • General financial performance
  • Staff cost review

Restaurant & Hotel Service Styles

While service styles may seem unrelated, the type of service you offer directly relates to your restaurant concept in the sense that it affects the guest’s overall experience. Here is a list of service types that can impact your concept:

  • Fine Dining
  • Bistro
  • Mid-Scale Dining
  • Family Style
  • Coffee Shop
  • Delhi Style Café
  • Bar
  • Pop-Up
  • Ghost Restaurant
  • Fast Casual
  • Buffet and Banquet
  • Food Truck
  • Fast Food

Kitchen Design & Layout

One of the biggest investments in opening a new restaurant is the kitchen. A commercial kitchen needs industrial grade equipment that will with stand a busy restaurant schedule. The design Layout of a restaurant kitchen should allow food to flow seamlessly from the prep area to the Cooking line. Sometimes a new restaurant has a fabulous location, but a small kitchen space, and you have to adapt plans accordingly. In that case our Design and Engineering Department staff will help you. They are experienced foodservice design specialists with a variety of industry backgrounds plan for batter objects.

We utilize an industry specific computer aided drafting (CAD) system and computer estimating/specification writing system to ensure accuracy and consistency.

  • Kitchen Design – Costing Guidelines
  • Recommend the right equipment to deliver the menu and the volume of business
  • Manage the tender process
  • Oversee fit outs

Bar Design & Layout

Bar interiors are particularly important in defining the customer experience. The quality of drinks is largely consistent regardless of location and interiors provide the differentiation that can bring success.


  • Decide Where To Put The Restaurant Bar
  • Stock Your Bar with the Right Equipment
  • Set the Mood With Lighting

Hospitality Sales & Marketing

We will take care of all aspects of your restaurant marketing from conception to implementation. We use a variety of techniques, strategies, and platforms to entice new customers and persuade existing customers to return more frequently.

  • Attract New Customers to Your Restaurant | café | Bar Lounge
  • Use Customer Retention Strategies to Increase Customer Loyalty
  • Offer Customers Different Ways to Buy
  • Train Your Servers on Upselling Techniques
  • Maximize Your Table Turnover Rate
  • Think happy hours
  • Social Media Portal Promotion’s
  • Sales & marketing strategy will be devised across all media
  • The sales & marketing plan is put into action
  • The sales & marketing plan is reviewed

Recruitment & Staff Training

F&B Concepts takes training very seriously. We specialize in every element of training for all levels of employees within an organization, including

  • Restaurant Owners and directors
  • General managers and restaurant managers
  • Senior chefs and kitchen Teams
  • Hostess and waitresses
  • Floor Captain
  • Bar teams
  • POS Training
  • SOP Training Basics

How to open  – HORECA

5 Steps to Success

  • Understand the concept
  • Location, location, location
  • Are you prepared for the hard work
  • Get the right team around you
  • Financial forecasting

Hotel | Restaurant Management

Our Management package is ideal for an owner or an ownership group that requires diligent overseeing of their business. Our team will oversee every aspect of the operation:

  • Management and Direction of the GM and the Chef
  • Leadership for Menu Changes and Staff Training
  • Implementation and Maintenance of Cost Control Processes
  • Elevation of the Guest Experience
  • Always Watch Your Food & Operating Costs
  • Manage Your Inventory Closely
  • Create Your Operating Procedures & Training Manuals
  • Train Staff & Manage Schedules
  • Manage Growth Through Marketing Channels

HORECA – SOP  Basics

F&B Concepts will cover the basics of restaurant bookkeeping / SOP mechanics. While there are many moving parts, the basics of a restaurant bookkeeping system can be summarized into four major sections. The four major areas of restaurant bookkeeping are: Payroll, Accounts Payable, Sales, and Inventory.